20" Needle Cloth/Gripper Strip Frame


We are offering a needle cloth/ gripper frame. This frame is made here, in our workshop, by my son. The frame is 20" square which is the inside dimension. The frame is made out of alder, which is a hardwood. The wood is unfinished and is sanded smooth. There 8 screws holding the frame together and they are easily removed with a Phillips screwdriver, for travel. We use needle cloth for easy application of your monks cloth. The needle cloth grips the monks cloth tightly and is easily stretched for a drum tight surface. Just pull up and the cloth releases. The frame comes with our fleece bra, that protects your hands from the needles while using and protects the needles while not in use. The frame will come to you unassembled. We have some of these on hand but otherwise they are made to order. We will advise you if we need to made a frame for you and how long it might take.

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